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About us

In 2006, Nansato Nursery Trust, led by founders Paula and Stuart Glegg, built four nurseries in Mulanje in southern Malawi.

Since opening, the nurseries provide care, education and food for 300 pre-school children each year. The pupils play games, sing, dance, listen to stories, eat porridge from Mary’s Meals and learn lots, giving them a head start for when they enter Standard 1 (the Malawian equivalent of Primary 1).

Local committees help to run the nurseries, assisting with pupil registration. Thirteen Malawian staff are employed by the charity and we have no administration costs.

How it all began

In 2004, Paula was given the opportunity to teach in a primary school in a small village in Malawi. While there, she fell in love with the people and the culture and returned to Malawi in October 2005 to see the people again.

While visiting the homes of many pupils she noticed that young children in the village had little to stimulate their minds. With her experience in education and love for children she decided to build a nursery – which would later become a four-nursery project!

How it developed

Paula and Stuart took the decision to embark on the project in December 2005, after the visit to Scotland of a local minister in Malawi and the head teacher of Nansato Primary School.

In January 2006, the Malawian Primary Education Advisor gave his support to the project and, six months later, Nansato Nursery Trust achieved charitable status.

In September 2006, Paula and Stuart flew out to Malawi with £17,000 of donations, which allowed the establishment of not just one nursery but four! Two months later, locations for the four nurseries were selected and local committees were established. Building work started using local tradesmen and by April 2007 all four nurseries were completed.