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Muli bwanji and a big hello from everyone at Nansato Nursery Trust in Scotland and Malawi!

We have had another busy year at the nursery schools. The nurseries re-opened at the end of February and welcomed in the 300 pupils of 2021.

The teachers continue to wow us with their creative and fun approach to learning. We love it when we see pictures of the children learning their letters, listening to stories and playing games together. It’s also nice to see the teachers join in with the fun too!
We are so thankful the nurseries have been able to continue to run well during what has been a difficult year for Malawi. As well as being a place to learn, the children also enjoy a bowl of fortified porridge each day.

The Nansato Nursery Trust staff has been telling us about the difficulties people in their local community are currently facing with rising costs of everyday amenities such as cooking oil and fertiliser, so we know how important this meal can be during difficult times.