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Paula and Stuart’s nephew, Matthew Herbert sums up his experience of visiting Nansato and Samson nurseries.

In August 2018, my sister, our two friends and myself had the opportunity to visit two of Nansato Nursery Trust’s incredible nurseries. For all of us, it was a truly unforgettable experience! First, we visited Nansato and were made to feel so welcome by the teachers and the children.

The building itself is perfectly designed, big enough to allow the children to run around and warm up on a cold and wet day, whilst also being kitted-out with so many clever features to provide for great learning. We especially enjoyed watching the children practice their writing with chalk on the floor!

The next day, we visited Samson Nursery, and immediately were blown away by its beautiful surroundings. With more fortunate weather, we were able to see Samson’s fantastic outdoor space in full usage and the children loved their outdoor play. Just when they had used up all their energy, it was time for porridge.

The magic of NNT’s nurseries is that the children are not only provided with great teaching and fun activities, but also a nutritious meal to top it all off! We are all so thankful to the staff and children at Nansato and Samson for letting us be a part of their amazing nurseries for the day.

One of the things that impressed us the most was how self-sufficient they have become since being set up over a decade ago. The staff are so much more than just exceptional teachers, they are part of a larger community team who keep the nurseries running day-to-day.

When you visit, you get a strong sense of how valuable they are to the wider community, providing not only education, but food, jobs, and so much more. We hope to be back again soon!